A global community of Parentmedic Ambassadors dedicated to empowering & educating parents in baby and child first aid, safe sleep and safety.

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Baby and child first aid and current health recommendations.
Information on current infant safe sleep guidelines
Sharing vital resources and information to create safe environments for children.
Sessions provided by qualified and certified members of The Parentmedic Movement with a passion for health and education for parents.
n. a parent or carer who actively seeks information in best practice first aid, health and safety guidelines for babies and children.
I am my child’s very own Parentmedic. Through The Parentmedic Movement, I learned the life changing and life saving skills I need to confidently keep my child healthy and safe at home.
Learn life saving Baby & Child First Aid to become your child’s Parentmedic.

Would you know what to do if your baby stopped breathing?
Do you know when to intervene when your child has a fever?
Are you comfortable introducing solids to your baby?

Our vision is for every child in the world to be cared for by someone who has the confidence and the knowledge to keep them safe & supported.

Our global network of Parentmedic Ambassadors educate parents and carers just like yourself on the critical skills you need to always keep your child safe and healthy.

Parentmedic Ambassador
n. a passionate educator in first aid, health and safety who empowers and supports parents (and carers) to confidently keep their child safety.
I truly feel like I’ve found my calling as a Parentmedic Ambassador. I love educating parents and carers in lifesaving first aid, health and safety and seeing the magic on their face when they have just learnt something new”
All Parentmedic Ambassadors are members of our community and operate financially independent of The Parentmedic Movement. As a social enterprise, we do not take any profits from facilitating connections between Parentmedic Ambassadors and the community.
Think of us as Air BnB for baby & child health education, but without the monetary transaction 😉
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Spend More Time With Your Family – Put family first and work around them (the way it should be). This career gives you the flexibility you need to manage a stress-free family life

Start a Business You’re Passionate About – Nothing is more rewarding than knowing your work has saved the life of a child. Empowering parents with the knowledge they need is both exhilarating and addictive!

Use Your Healthcare Knowledge – You’re not starting from scratch here. Together we’ll build on your existing knowledge to turn you into a community superhero.