Join a global movement of health professionals empowering parents and carers.

So what is The Parentmedic Movement exactly?

The Parentmedic Movement is a social enterprise connecting parents and carers with Parentmedic Ambassadors; educators in the life changing and lifesaving skills that keep children safe and healthy.

Parentmedic Ambassadors are trained through our very own Parentmedic Institute on best practice and up-to-the-minute approaches for baby and child first aid, health and safety. These courses are developed by our Founder, Nataly Tormey; registered nurse, first aid expert and passionate advocate for parents learning to keep their children safe and healthy. 

What it means to be a Parentmedic Ambassador

Parentmedic Ambassadors are members of The Parentmedic Movement founded by Australian baby & child first aid, health and safety advocate, Nataly Tormey.

Teach. Educate. Support.

As a Parentmedic Ambassador, you will empower parents and carers to safely care for their baby or child.

You will teach them the critical techniques and skills needed to save their child’s life in an emergency situation

Our training goes beyond the bounds of one-off functional information. Our movement looks to support new parents and empower them with the skills to parent confidently throughout the course of their parenthood journey.

Flexible work in an industry you love

Extend your existing knowledge and experience in the health profession by completing our Baby & Child First Aid Educator course and start earning money as a licensed member of The Parentmedic Movement.

Design your career to spend more time with your family – no more shift work!

Work in an industry you have first hand experience in; not just as a professional, but as a parent!

The perfect opportunity for a stay at home health care mum to start a small business and gain the flexibility she deserves!

Become a Parentmedic Ambassador in only 30 days!

Complete an online, baby friendly, mobile friendly course in Becoming a Baby and Child First Aid educator and then become part of The Parentmedic Movement as a licensed member.

In the course you will:

  • Upskill in lifesaving baby and child first aid techniques
  • Be educated in Safe Sleep and other areas of baby & child health and safety
  • Learn how to apply your existing knowledge into teaching first aid
  • Develop the confidence to become an effective presenter
  • Stay up to date on current first aid and health recommendations

All students also gain access to an exclusive online group to gain one-on-one support.

Become a licensed member as a  Parentmedic Ambassador and start earning an income under our trusted brand.

Once you have completed our course you can apply to become a licensed member. 

By doing this you will be provided with everything to hit the ground running including;

  • Legal rights to operate under The Parentmedic Movement
  • An official licensee of the Parentmedic brand
  • Access to membership benefits and education portal
  • Marketing and networking materials
  • Course materials and resources
  • Listing on Parentmedic website
  • Business support from Nataly
  • Online portal for licensed members – our Parentmedic Ambassadors
  • Invite to The Parentmedic Movement Family Conference
  • And much more!

As a licensed member you take 100% of ALL PROFITS.

It is our role to guide and support you, and provide you with all the resources you need to provide exceptional education and service to parents seeking education.



The Parentmedic Movement  is the first course in the world designed for parent health professionals to become baby + child first aid educators and then provide the opportunity for stay at home mums to start a small business under a licensed brand.

We are very proud to be FIRST and ONLY organisation that ensures their educators (who we lovingly call our Parentmedic Ambassadors) complete and prove their knowledge and ability to provide education to the parent community.

What you need to do to become part of The Parentmedic Movement as a Certified Parentmedic Ambassador

Step One
Could you be an ambassador?

Do you have a health care background, education or passion to help parents feel more confident in their journey?

Step Two: Show your interest!

Start today by completing some information about yourself. Don’t worry, we know your time is limited so rather than a long boring application its a super easy, speedy quiz you can do on your mobile today! Click here to show your interest!

Step Three
Lets have a chat!

We think we are pretty cool to come up with this idea, but its something new.. so we like to be able to have a chat to you about what we are doing so its clear. Whether it be by phone, email or messenger lets chat!

Step Four
Complete our online course in Become a Baby and Child First Aid Educator

An online (mobile friendly) self-paced course that can be completed at home – with the support of our exclusive online group. Want to have a quick look at what our course looks and feels like? Have a geeza here with our teaser!

Step Five
Become a confident presenter with Nataly's help!

Submit a LIVE video for your own exclusive preview and feedback from Nataly. Use this opportunity to gain feedback from a well-known presenter that will help you bring out that confident STAR within!

Step Six
Clearances and Checks

We are a safe organisation and take pride in creating safe environments. As a certified Parentmedic Ambassador you require public liability insurance and safety checks.

Step Seven
Boost your Success with a Strategy Call with Nataly

An opportunity to speak to the real person who built The Parentmedic Movement to fast track your success as a Parentmedic Ambassador.

Step Eight
Join The Movement!

Be part of a social enterprise that is creating change. Have access to the course, the support and the resources to be able to be a successful certified parentmedic ambassador.