My First Aid Kit – A Mums Story

My First Aid Kit – A Mums Story

Once upon a time there was this Mum. This mum at the time was a sole parent, a student of a nursing degree and broke. She became a first aid educator to get through her studies and to provide for her children, only 8 months and 2 at the time. Not knowing that First Aid for families would become her passion, her sole purpose. After teaching a few families she was contacted by another mum, crying – “I am so scared, my child was premature, is sick and we do not know what it is. Since coming home we have had to call the ambulance twice a week, only to be sent home again. I do not know what to do, I mean when I make a call to them arriving there is no way I know how to help. Please can you come teach me and my family, the only problem is I do not have the money. We are desperate. I have asked all the doctors, the hospital and my maternity nurse and none of them have the time”.

Hearing this, this mum thought “what the f*ck, is there no funding for families to access first aid courses for children”!
So instead of conducting paid work, she made a sacrifice. Her and her children did. Instead of having money, they were more broke but her mission to get something in place only got stronger. It was worth the sacrifice. Together her and the children worked on this small organisation, the children would drop flyers off and when they were sick she would drag them to sleep on a chair in meetings.

She emailed government bodies every day, made meetings with local councils only to be told “who are you anyway, there are private businesses offering this, its not a need”.


So WWC Education was born, and as she knew getting to know the right person in the government was going to be hard she started to stalk business and eventually big corporates to support her. She asked them for money so she can run free courses, but of course no one gives away free money.

So she had an idea, our courses are going well and the parents that come to our courses would want to help those that could not afford to. Of course they would! Lets created a hand made first aid kit and get the top dog companies, to donate products to it. Lets make a first aid kit that has products in it parents will actually use, once we actually love and lets make sure this kit isn’t big, bulky and ugly and can be taken anywhere their little one goes. And lets sell this kit, but of course she would only sell it if it was cheap. A magic number was born.

Introducing to you the My First Aid Kit
RRP $29.95
Available for purchase NOW.

Buy our My First Aid Kit here.

All profits are used to help us provide courses to charities and not-for-profits helping families in crisis or need.

A big thank you, this Mum was able to build this organisation thanks to people believed in her, and her mission and those that donated their time to the cause. It is with this we would like to make a special mention to (its a long list as we have lots of love); Mouse Design & Technology (the hoodo gurus on this amazing website), Sudocrem Australia, Mundicare, Medichill, Magnoplasm, Courtney Holmes Photography, Little Rockers Radio, Hire for Baby and Plum Australia.

AND A BIG FAT THANK YOU to Mellanie Chapman, another local mum who sewed every kit herself and donated her time. She is a beautiful sewer with a kind heart and each and every kit has just that little but more love because of her. Please like her page facebook.com/jamiandme.









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