Family First Aid & Safety Travel Tips

Family First Aid & Safety Travel Tips


WWC HQ has just ventured to Sea World Resort, Gold Coast Queensland and we wanted to take this opportunity to share some of our Safety and First Aid travel tips for families with kids in tow. We are going to share a quick few points to think about before you head on that much needed holiday so parents can safely get some R & R and the children can have some fun!


We know the list just gets longer and longer but more importantly than throwing in the 20th toy or teddy, is to think about any first aid items and products that you may need while your away. We know most times your heading to somewhere the sun shines and the pool glistens so here are some our favourite products for your trip.

  • Your everyday meds – it’s a given right! But I have even been know to forget my daughters asthma medication so double and triple check you have the families every day medication packed.
  • Mosquito repellent – They are the enemy to children, not only do many children react with a big red sore bump to the nasty bite, but they also can not cope with the constant feeling of itchiness!
  • Got bitten – despite our attempts sometimes we will be victim to the bite, so be sure to take some anti-itch product to ease the irritation and if your child is prone to getting a nasty reaction some anti-histamine would not go astray!
  • For those bruises – they are part of our healing defence but if they are bothering you and your child you could always use some of arnica cream! Its our favourite for the everyday bump and bruise and also a handy hint – try put them on those baggy saggy eyes after a big night drinking vinos and lots of early mornings for day trips!
  • We got a cut – The beloved BANDAID is not only good to cover up a cut but also a way to make your child feel all better and ready to go!


This is no time to relax by the water… WHAT?! I know, you have been dreaming off a cocktail by the pool and it will happen – I promise BUT before you do its time to know how to be water safe and set some rules.

  • You have booked your holiday in advance so this is the time to also book in some swimming lessons. You may not have an Ian Thorpe on your hands in a few months but at least you will be able to establish a good understanding of your child’s skills and the level of supervision required for their age group and level of skill.
  • SET THE RULES! Right, if your children are anything like mine the minute we arrived at the resort and the pool there was no stopping them. Before I had even put my bags down I swear they had bathers on and were running out the door. STOP! Before they do this is the time to sit down and set the rules and importantly stick by them. Introduce the boundaries and enforce them.
  • Keep those eyes peeled at all times


Your out and about and sometimes all day long! So be sure to make sure that you take the sunscreen, hats and sunglasses along. Leave those little singlets and summer dresses for dinner and the sunset. During the day, although its hot your little ones must wear a t-shirt. Stand in the shade where you can, or even invest in an umbrella – not only is it good for the wet but handy when you can escape the sun. Have a little one sleeping in a pram? Be sure to look at the CoziGo bassinet and pram cover (www.flybabee.com.au), the ultimate travel product for little ones. Why is it so cool, well it has a universal fit, fitting the plane bassinet and all prams, its blocks 97% of light, has UV protection and 100% breathable – perfect for those long day trips in the sun!


  1. Immunisations
  2. Pool safety and hiring a pool fence
  3. Safe Sleeping
  4. Pedestrian Safety
  5. Access to clean water
  6. Food choices while your away
  7. Sanitation
  8. Dehydration
  9. Travelling
  10. Car Seats!


Can’t be bothered lugging things around with you, car seats, prams, strollers, portable cots and more. We recommend Hire for Baby (www.hireforbaby.com) for all your baby hire needs.

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