Our promise to the families of Australia – Equal Access to First Aid Education

Our promise to the families of Australia – Equal Access to First Aid Education

Our Story

“I just want to dip my toes in” I said. My first booking was from a mother who was struggling with the new pressures of being a parent. Not only was she having to cope with the every day challenges and learning curves as a new parent but she was also having to learn how to manage and care for a sick child. If being a first time mum was not hard enough, couple that with multiple hospital trips, learning to feed your child, financial difficulties, lack of village support, hormones, anxiety and maybe depression, fear and social expectations – you can quickly only image this burden had become enough.

It was this booking that planted a seed in my mission, my desire and my passion to impact parents facing these struggles and I asked myself ” What can I do to relieve this burden for parents”. There was only one thing I could do. I was a very experienced First Aid Educator.

I was not a nurse (yet), I was not a paramedic. I was an educator, a mother and very well informed and respected educator in the First Aid Industry.

It became clear to me very quickly, that not everyone was first aid informed. Why was this mother contacting and booking in with me? She knew it was my first session not working for another organisation, I did not have a business card, a website not even a Facebook page. I advertised with a simple post on a page for parents.

This particular mother did not know first aid and being at home as a parent for the first time she lived in fear of ‘what if this happened, what if that happened’ – would I know what to do. Sick child or not I believe all parents can relate to this fear. We continually ask ourselves ‘do I really have the skills to protect my child, to keep them safe, to meet their physical, mental and emotional needs’?

Her particular fear was whether she would know what do in an emergency.

But still the question for me at this point was still, why me. There were so many other giant providers out there delivering the same thing.

After discussing it with this mother it became clear that it was down to budget and finances, and the inability to afford other providers and as someone who was just testing the waters I was able to provide her with a service that was affordable and accessible.

Further to the question of why me, I also asked if a parent with a sick child needed this education surely it is funded? So I asked her, and what she responded with gave me the biggest kick up the butt to do what we are now doing – “Everyone is to busy, and there is no funding to do this course”.

Was this a fucking joke (BLEEP). The government funds so much and we aren’t funding a parents right to know what to do if their child needs help and to give the right to parents to know how to save their own child’s life!

I could not stop thinking about this, surely this can’t be the case. I called meetings, after meetings, discussions after discussions and it turned out to be true! There was no allocated funding for parents to learn first aid, and when asking councils and government bodies I was faced with he answer “it’s not needed, there is no demand”, “there are great private business providing this service”, “its not a priority for funding”.

I spent many months advocating for free courses and funding and quickly it become obvious if I was going to do this I would have to do this on my own.

So, I built WWC Education with the mission of being up-to-date, relevant first aid education to parents that was affordable and accessible and to provide free courses to parents and families in need and experiencing crisis.

Our promise

WWC Education promise is that in everything we do we will maintain the goal to create fairness in the delivery and access of vital first aid eduction for every family in Australia and ensure no matter what background, demographic or financial status you will be able to access the information to provide first aid to your own child and that each and every child will be surrounded by parents and carers that had the knowledge of what to do in an emergency.

2017! Onwards and Upwards. Watch this space!

Watch out 2017, we have gained momentum! We will be more accessible than ever, we will remain affordable and we are also excited to launch My First Aid Kit which will fund free courses for families in need! It is our time! Our mission was important and we will never give up!


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