Affordable baby & child first aid in the comfort and convenience of your own home

Imagine a two-hour, child friendly, Baby & Child First Aid session delivered at a location of your choice by a healthcare expert who’s also a parent – we like to call them our Parentmedic Ambassadors, and a session that doesn’t send you broke!

It’s no longer an impossible dream thanks to The Parentmedic Movement

For first aid to work, it has to be relevant. There’s no point learning about snakebites when you’ve told us one of the scariest things is simply introducing solids! Our interactive sessions cover all the essential baby & child information parents have told us they want to learn.

Our sessions are held in an informal, child friendly environment so you feel comfortable to learn,  ask questions and to connect with your family and friends.

You will leave feeling confident, empowered and know exactly what to do when your child is sick or in an emergency.
Your Parentmedic Baby +& Child First Aid session covers
Baby and infant CPR so you’ll know what to do if your baby stops breathing
Introduction to food and choking to manage the challenges of introducing solids
Temperature management and fever information that follows current medical best practice and guidelines (you’ll be able to stop listening to your mother-in-law’s well meaning advice now...)
Head & injury prevention – The day that baby bumps their head!
Poisons  – yes, it’s important and we cover exactly why.
Allergies & anaphylaxis – current health recommendations in the ever changing paediatric landscape.
Febrile convulsions – know how to act if your child ever presents with one.
Safety promotion because we want you to raise your kids in an environment where they are safe and loved.
Where to seek assistance or advice in case you need to call for backup.
Q&A on general parenting topics – this is your chance to ask the questions you’ve been too scared to ask anyone else. Nothing is off-limits. This is a safe space; a judgment free zone.
After completion of the course you will be invited to an invite-only group with your Parentmedic Ambassador where you can connect any time with any question. We are here to support you throughout the entire crazy journey that is parenthood.
Who are Baby & Child First Aid sessions for?

We are an open and inclusive community movement and welcome all members of your support system to our sessions.

  • Parents
  • Grandparents
  • Carers
  • Friends and Family
  • Anyone else in your ‘village’  – you can even bring the family dog if you need to 😉
Who teaches it?

Parentmedic Ambassadors are health professionals specifically trained in Baby and Child First Aid. Most have a history of working within the health industry and all have successfully graduated through our Parentmedic Institute with courses developed according to industry best practice and standards.

Our global network of Parentmedic Ambassadors is made up of:

  • Doctors,
  • Nurses,
  • Mental and physical health workers
  • Lactation consultants
  • And more…

Time to sign up!
My child deserves their very own Parentmedic!

The Parentmedic Movement has the largest pool of health and parenting educators in the world who are also parents. They ‘get’ what it is you’re going through having lived it themselves.

Our role is to connect you with a local Parentmedic Ambassador who delivers our course and meets our standards. Please discuss any questions relating to a booking with them via phone, text or email.

Our mission is to make baby and child first aid accessible to 
Every Family Across The World
One of the fundamental reasons we founded our social enterprise was to break down the cost barriers that stop parents completing first aid training.

Our Parentmedic Ambassadors determine their own pricing for Baby & Child First Aid sessions which are dependant on the economic factors of their geographic location. Each session must fit within a price range predetermined by The Parentmedic Movement. We want to ensure we are affordable and accessible for all demographics and Parentmedic Ambassadors are encouraged to work with their communities to ensure they are affordable.

All Parentmedic Ambassadors are members of our community yet operate financially independent of The Parentmedic Movement. As a social enterprise, we do not take any profits from connecting you, the future Parentmedics of the world, with your local Parentmedic Ambassadors.

Think of us as Air BnB for parent education, but without the monetary transaction 😉