Learn from health care professionals who are parents too
You might have done or heard about a first aid course before. You know the kind, with the monotone presented and the ‘death by PowerPoint’ slide show? (Snoozefest, are we right?!)
Historically, education in baby and child first aid could be provided by any ‘Tom, Dick or Harry’ working in health but we are so passionate about you as our client and informed about what you are experiencing as a parent we know that you deserve so much more.
And we realised the industry needed a little shake up…
Disrupting education for parents as you knew it.

We know that parents want baby + child first aid education and we understand that you’ll  enjoy your experience so much more if the information and education was being provided by a fellow peer (parent). We know that being a parent is tough – real tough –  and so our training is always provided by someone who understands the trials and errors you experience as a parent.

Seriously, we get it. We’ve been there in the middle of the night when our babies are overheating and had no idea what to do about. We’re not proud to admit that we may have left our baby unattended on the bed and they’ve accidentally rolled off. Nor in any way do we advocate this either – but what we’re saying is that we’re human. And not perfect. And we get that life is like that too.

What we want to give you is the gift of confidence to go into life as a parent knowing exactly what to do to keep your child safe and healthy.

We also know how important it is for you to get your information from someone who is not only a health professional but understands and is up to date specifically to baby and child first aid.

What did we do about it? We created The Parentmedic Movement. A safe space and judgement free zone for parents to learn.
A community of healthcare parents who are members of the movement who are dedicated to educating and training parents like YOU to become their own Parentmedic.
#parentmedic – a parent who has the skills to know when and how to handle it confidently at home.
Parentmedic Ambassadors are parents that will come to you and teach you life changing and life saving skills to be a more confident parent.
We also found that it wasn’t just about learning skill but it was also about being in an environment where you felt safe to ask those “silly” questions and open and honest with your struggles.
Experts with a passion to be the changemakers.
Your Parentmedic Ambassador is a parent just like you who’s experienced the same trials and tribulations in the early years of childraising. They’re passionate about sharing their knowledge to help you feel more prepared and confident as a parent.  

Our Parentmedic Ambassadors are diverse including;
Doctors, Nurses, Mental and physical health workers, Lactation consultants, Midwives and many more.
All reached out to us with the passion to empower you in your parenting journey more confidently. 
And the Parentmedics Ambassador talent pool, keeps on growing.
Our Parentmedic Ambassadors know their stuff. We train and test them to assure you of high standards and updated first aid knowledge.
Each of our ambassadors;
Complete our uniquely designed education course
in Becoming a Baby and Child First Aid Educator.

This is a comprehensive course designed by Nataly Tormey – a First Aid practicing expert. Your Parentmedic Ambassadors complete over 30 different modules and assessments before they are qualified to train you.

Have their own qualifications
and past experience in the health industry.

Additionally, they must complete our Parentmedic Ambassador course to stay up to date with the regulatory body and provide their knowledge

Understand how to deliver this information
to the demographics that we work with.

To learn how to connect, and empathise and provide tools to help their audience feel more empowered and less scared.

We are the only organisation that provides education and support in different educational areas to ensure our educators understand your needs. IN addition to completing a course in first aid and safe sleep they have access to education in any topic that might be off interest to parents – including mental health, infant development etc.

We own, run and manage our own online educational portal,
The Parentmedic Movement Institute
where all our ambassadors are educated in industry best practice health, first aid, and safety standards.
We’ve got your back – not just today, but always.

For us, giving parents the confidence and knowledge to keep their kids safe goes far beyond a 2+ hour training program. It’s about supporting you throughout your journey as a parent into the future.

After doing a course with a Parentmedic Ambassador you will be invited to an exclusive online group. We want to provide you with information during your course and well beyond. We want to create long term connections with our participants because connected parents are confident parents.

Giving people (that’s you!) back their power!

Did you know?

The first aid knowledge and skills needed to save a life can be provided by both accredited and non-accredited sources
Accredited first aid practitioners are currently not legally required to maintain a standard or demonstrate their knowledge is up-to date
Becoming an accredited first aid training organisation is expensive, rigorous and not necessarily baby & child focused
There is actually no accreditation in existence for first aid for parents.
Although accredited first aid training is meant to have some child focused elements, discussion is limited on important topics such as temperature management, rashes and common health recommendations for children

We are proudly non-accredited – and we’ll tell you why!

Our vision is for every child in the world to be cared for by someone who has the knowledge and confidence to keep them safe and supported. This means equipping parents and carers with life saving skills to know what to do in an emergency.

For us to achieve this vision, we recognised we had to reduce the barriers that stop parents and carers from accessing first aid education. To become an accredited organisation and maintain accreditation, it is timely, expensive and tedious; three enormous barriers which would stand in the way of us achieving our vision.

We want to empower you to parent confidently, so regardless of our accreditation status, we will educate you with the latest information, best practice approaches and critical skills you need to become your child’s own Parentmedic.
Because we know knowledge is power.

The founder of The Parentmedic Movement, Nataly Tormey, built a successful career in the  accredited first aid industry as both a provider and owner of a workplace accredited first aid organisation for 10 years. Over the years, Nataly realised that accredited first aid was creating boundaries for individuals to access this life saving information.

An accredited first aid organisation has to meet a strict set of rules and as a participant, you must pass assessments. This type of training is both expensive and time consuming which meant these courses were often out of reach for:

  • parents
  • everyday families
  • new parents on single income
  • parents who could not find babysitters
  • unemployed individuals
  • english as second language (due to assessments required to partake in)
  • anyone with a disability (you are required to do CPR on floor for a period of time – no excuses)

We make first aid training and education accessible to everyone, regardless of your personal, financial or physical capabilities.

In order to bring you the best and most up-to-date information, we know we must implement our own stringent regulations. We are uncompromising with this mindset. If anything, our educators are required to pass more assessments and participate in more education than those who are providing accredited first aid.

First aid is not about becoming a nurse in one day.

While some organisations are happy to let you think otherwise, there is actually no such thing as an accredited first aid course for parents.

We are very disheartened when other organisations send mixed signals to parents and participate in “cheeky marketing”. The Parentmedic Movement believes in complete transparency.