The story behind the name – The Parentmedic Movement

The story behind the name – The Parentmedic Movement


The story of the name isn’t a complicated one, it is about a team of people who were joined together for one mission – to share their knowledge in safety and first aid to empower parents. As we grew bigger and bigger we realised that we weren’t just a business anymore – we were a community.. a movement.

We needed to name our movement so it was put forth to our team as a competition to all brainstorm a name that represents what we do, and our regular clever cookie Claudia Tong was the one who came up with Parentmedic. The winner gets a big fat pat on the back and gets to be known as the legend in Parentmedic history.

We help parents become their child’s own medic, and to help share the skills to confidently handle it at home, or when to know when, how and where to call for help when needed.

Thank you Claudia Tong, I can’t promise a statue but we are forever grateful that your super snazzy brain came up with the most amazing name and giving us full permission to use it towards our amazing life saving cause!


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