Vision Mission Values

The Parentmedic Movement is a social enterprise with a focus on making first aid education and training accessible and affordable to every parent and carer in the world. With a vision to see every child in the world be cared for by someone with the confidence & knowledge to keep them safe and supported, it’s pretty darn clear our Founder, Nataly Tormey, isn’t afraid to dream big.

We amplify life changing and life saving education through our global pool of health and parenting educators who are also parents themselves – we lovingly call them our Parentmedic Ambassadors. These are women who have lived the fears and anxious moments other parents and carers experience making them able to teach and support you with true empathy and understanding. We are the FIRST and ONLY baby and child first aid organisation who ensures our educators knowledge is tested prior to them conducting any sessions.

We’re proud that our movement is non-accredited. Don’t panic! This doesn’t mean unsafe or lesser quality – what it means is that we can reduce the cost and therefore barriers to accessibility.

All our training and education is designed by Founder Nataly Tormey (a veteran in the first aid industry, a nurse, healthcare professional and a mother) using research, facts and best practice to meet and exceed industry standards. Our education and training is world-class in standard and delivered to our Parentmedic Ambassadors through The Parentmedic Institute.


For every child in the world to be cared for by someone who has the confidence and knowledge to keep them safe & supported.


To create a global community of Parentmedic Ambassadors dedicated to empowering and educating other parents in childhood health, first aid and safety.


Our values are deeply embedded into the daily lives of all at The Parentmedic Movement and believe in the power of them in helping us achieve our vision and mission.

Integrity – keeping it real and living our truth.

Honesty – we’re down to earth folk who will always say it like it is.

Affordability – financial status should never stop anyone from learning how to keep their children safe

Accessibility – because knowing what to do in an emergency is a basic human right.

Connection – bringing together the people who wish to learn with those who can teach.

The Story of The Parentmedic Movement

Personal words by Nataly Tormey

Disclaimer: These are words of the personal encounter and story of Nataly Tormey, founder of The Parentmedic Movement. It is her own personal experience and encounters that are the basis of the mission, vision and values of the brand. Please refrain from reading if you are easily offended as it does contain an authentic viewpoint with raw emotion and swearing. Remember The Parentmedic Movement has been created by real people for real people.

I WAS SLEEPING ON THE FLOOR with my one and three-year-old daughters. One on either side. I had recently become a single parent at the young age of 23 and was staying with a family member in hiding from the serious stalking nature of my ex. It would depend on who was home if I made a nook on the floor to sleep on or we scored a bed. At the time, sleeping on the floor was no issue for me. The issue was I was in a situation I did not seem to control. I had no job, no home and I had currently no future. But, I did have a dream. The same as any mother – to provide, to keep my children safe, to make them proud and most of all to have a good balance between work, life and be financially secure.

ONE NIGHT I SAT AT MY COMPUTER and decided to bite the bullet and enrolled in a Bachelor of Nursing – a full degree. This was a big deal for me as since the age of 16 I had lived out of home as I left school early and decided to follow a career in beauty and makeup. During this time I knew I wanted to do more so, I slowly went back to finish my schooling, enrolled in Tafe, worked a night job and studied during the day.I even used to work behind the bar at a strip club –finishing work at 4 am and due at Tafe at 9 am! I had the pre-requisites to apply for the degree but still doubted I would get in.

But I DID!

THIS IS WHAT CHANGED my future, not just as a person but as a mother. Life wasn’t easy, money was always tight and at the start, no one could understand why I was sacrificing these precious few years with my babies in exchange for studying. They went anywhere I could take them as I knew that it was something that had to be done, for them and for their children… because if I did not get this right it would hurt generations to come.

DURING MY DEGREE I knew I needed a job. So I wrote to any first aid company that would have me! I told them I knew I was not experienced yet but I would be willing to do anything. I had never educated before nor was sure I could but I had the drive. It was appealing to me to teach first aid as I had the knowledge (or was developing it), I didn’t have to do it full time, I got to pick and choose when and where I would work and it was great pay.

FOR MANY MONTHS I volunteered un-paid, watching as many educators as I could and then delivering sessions with them so I could gain their feedback. I honestly feel this was my biggest advantage to any first aid educator as I was exposed to so many styles of delivering first aid and mentored by so many. I remember before my first real session standing in-front of the mirror saying “Nat, you can do this, you can do this, do it for your god damn kids”!

I DID IT! And little did I realise that it was an industry I was soon going to absolutely fall in-love with. I quickly became a highly sought after educator with people attending my sessions and sending the company emails saying “it was the best first aid session they ever attended”, “I just have to contact you to tell you that Nataly is an amazing educator”, “I did first aid today and it was the first time I really understood what I was learning and did not fall asleep”, “Nataly speaks my language, super funny and I loved it”!

SOON I WAS MAKING SERIOUS MONEY and doing what I love! I was able to get my own amazing apartment by the beach, afford food and nice things and was no longer worried about whether I could feed my own kids. I was independent, I could pick and choose my work and in no time was working for multiple companies delivering accredited first aid.

IT WAS A FACEBOOK MESSAGE from a mother that changed my direction. That made me reaaalllllly shitty. She messaged me on the verge of crying, a serious breakdown and told me her story. This is the story that changed my direction from just teaching accredited first aid to going on a serious mission.

MY BABY TURNS BLUE and stops breathing …she tells me. Since bringing my baby home I have had to call emergency services multiple times. I am so scared. I have never done first aid, never needed to and to be honest this is the first time I have ever held or cared for a baby. I have asked everyone to help me, the nurses, the ED doctors, my maternal health nurse but no one seems to be able to help me. I am struggling to afford the current sessions out there.

WAS THIS A FUCKING JOKE? You’re telling me this isn’t a thing where all parents are provided with basic first aid education? I asked her if she was serious. Why wasn’t anyone willing to help?

I RAN MY FIRST BABY AND CHILD FIRST AID SESSION. And boy did it open my eyes. I met a family that was on complete edge, grandparents, aunties and uncles all there and so grateful that I’d come. I had never run a session specific to parents but was pretty sure I could still help. The session ran for 3 hours in their home teaching tailored first aid around what parents needed to know. When it ended the mother came out, tears in her eyes saying “thankyou – you do not understand what you have done”.

I WAS STILL MAD! Super mad. I had to get these sessions out to ALL parents – not just ones that can afford it. Every single family deserved the basic information in order to feel confident to help their child if they were sick.

I NEVER WANTED A BUSINESS. Nope! You got to be joking. At the time I was still a single mama, completing my nursing degree, had been by my mother’s bedside for four months as she battled cancer and just got her home and was her carer. This was the last thing on my mind.

BUT I KNEW I HAD TO DO SOMETHING. I made appointment after appointment with different councils, advocating for funding for parent first aid and remember being told “We don’t feel there is a need for this” and “I’m sorry who are you anyway? Aren’t you just a nursing student”? (She was such a bitch)!

FINE DON’T HELP THEN! I will do it on my own. I am going to launch my own business and charge what I feel should be charged and do freebies along the way for those families in need. I would still advocate for funding but if NO ONE is going to help me I will create a sustainable business with a conscious that was on a big fat mission to ensure no parent misses out.

FAMILIES WERE LINING UP. They loved my sessions. I also started working with not-for-profits helping many families in need. I ended up getting so busy that I soon started having to hire people to run sessions – nationwide. I taught them what I knew and how I recommended teaching parents first aid. Something was going on and it seemed that my skills in presenting were crossing over from accredited first aid with my passion to connect and empower parents and it was being recognised by parents everywhere.

ITS WASNT  JUST THE FIRST AID CONTENT. You see I was determined to treat each and every person I taught with the respect they deserve. I knew the content but I also learnt how to connect; how to really empower parents. The joy in these sessions was not just the knowledge I passed on but the way it was passed on. I was a parent teaching other parents and it was making a vast difference.

BUT THERE WERE STILL BARRIERS I had to overcome. The main being that I had so many families who wanted to learn, but there only limited people who were able to teach. You see most people teaching first aid only did it either when they had enough of working in the hospital system OR they tried to do it on the side of whilst working. I knew there would be SO MANY healthcare mamas that would want to share their knowledge to parents in their local communities but did not have the time alongside parenting, were worried about the costs of becoming an educator, had never taught before so were unsure of the ability to present and did not know how to start OR simply never thought of it as an option.

I STARTED TEACHING HEALTH CARE PROFESSIONALS how to teach parents. Yes, so I started teaching people how to teach – baby and child first aid. Part of this course I wanted it to be online, to recognise prior learning but also introduce new learnings, a focus on how to share knowledge, what it means to teach this information to local communities, reduce costs and help them gain the confidence to start providing sessions for their local community.

I LAUNCHED A 30 DAY ONLINE COURSE which was a huge success. We have doctors, nurses and educators come through this course and at the end they get to go out on their own or they can join The Parentmedic Movement and directly help with my mission and run my course. This is what we call The Parentmedic Institute.

AND NOW WE ARE GLOBAL. I was not joking! I want every single parent from every demographic, social and economic background to have access to life-saving first aid education. In 2018 we are going global and my mission is to have 100 Parentmedic Ambassadors in our first year. I also aim to continue the work we do with families in crisis and launch baby and child first aid sessions in different languages across the globe.

SHOW YOUR SUPPORT and join the movement or tell the world about it. We need more people feeling comfortable enough to share their knowledge and do it in a supported way. More information sharing, more empowered and informed parents and the safer the environment for the child. Every single parent deserves to know what to do when their child is ill and every child deserves to have a parent that knows what to do.

THIS IS ALWAYS AT THE CORE of what I do. I remember where I was once and I would have been that person that could never afford a session nor have the spare money to do it. I am human, as all parents are and know I deserved to know this information just as much as anyone. Everything and anything we do in the movement is aimed at creating impact and creating change for all families.

It’s PERFECT FOR HEALTHCARE MAMAS ON MATERNITY LEAVE as after having children you realise how hard it is to become a parent and if you have information to share that will help ease the stress for other mothers you want to do it. So we have all these wonderful mamas willing to help but they just needed the help to get involved

THE PARENTMEDIC MOVEMENT is an opportunity where anyone who has completed my course and is handpicked to join can become licensed to use my course branding and marketing. It basically means they can take 100% profit from all the information sessions they provide in baby and child first aid but not have to worry about building a website, course guidelines and resources, doing research and more. They are not isolated and not on their own. They also become a member, which means I personally support them with coaching, networking, marketing and personal development in addition to being part of an amazing online community.

YOU BECOME A PARENTMEDIC AMBASSADOR. Someone who is a mother, who empowers local parents teaching baby and child first aid. They might provide one or two sessions a month (or more) for their own community under The Parentmedic Movement umbrella. Together as a community, we move towards the mission of having more people share knowledge, supporting healthcare mamas earn money while they are at home with little one and allowing them to follow their passion to support new parents on this journey. Running information sessions for other parents don’t take up much time; they are normally no longer than 2-hour information sessions, well paid and sometimes you could even take your child along.

ITS WIN WIN! By creating The Parentmedic Movement and helping more healthcare mamas share their knowledge without having to do too much they are enabling more parents to access this important information. It also means those that are teaching this to parents are passionate about what they do, want to do it not just for money but for the impact and it also helps reduce private companies who charge an absolute fortune.